2017 General Election Constituencies

Louise Irvine

National Health Action Party

COMMON DECENCY recommendation for South West Surrey - Louise Irvine (National Health Action Party). This is a strong recommendation. Theresa May's references to her 'support' to the NHS are so outrageously dishonest it's almost unbelievable. In fact she and Cameron before her have been deliberately disabling parts of the NHS in order to sell them off for rich businessmen to exploit and make a profit out of our health - just as they have done to our schools - the 'academies' which are now run as businesses - scandalous. Jeremy Hunt holds this seat - the arch villain of the dismantling of the NHS. If everyone forgets about political allegiances and votes for Louise, he COULD be unseated - and a massive blow for Decency will have been struck. 

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website : www.nhap.org