2017 General Election Constituencies

Tracey Crouch

Tracey Crouch - The Conservative Party - Chatham & Aylesford

The Conservative Party - Chatham & Aylesford
Region:   South East
Constituency: Chatham & Aylesford
Party: The Conservative Party

COMMON DECENCY recommendation - for Chatham and Aylesford - TRACEY CROUCH( (Conservative). CD backing a Conservative? I can hear the grumbles. But this unique woman is one of the most courageously compassionate MPs you could ever be fortunate enough to meet - or have to represent you. She has staunchly defended animal welfare legislation ever since she was elected. When Theresa May recently shockingly declared that she would try to bring back Blood Sports, Tracey Crouch was the first to tweet that she would never support a vote to repeal the Hunting Act. And she means it. It would not be the first time she has defied the Whips on a matter of conscience. Tracey is that new breed of Conservative - so different from the old-style callous breed epitomised by Cameron and Theresa May - who stand for preserving the unfairness in Britain. We need good Tories like this in Parliament. Bri