2017 General Election Constituencies

Caroline Lucas

Caroline Lucas - Green - Brighton, Pavilion

Green - Brighton, Pavilion
Region:   South East
Constituency: Brighton, Pavilion
Party: Green

COMMON DECENCY voting recommendations. Let's start right here. The great CAROLINE LUCAS. �I hope you can see both pictures on this post - Caroline and last time's pie chart? This woman is amazing. Utterly dedicated to Decency, she works 24 hours a day for fairness, and the rights of those who have no voice. Animals, the poor, the sick, the NHS, proper education as opposed to running schools as a business, Caroline is universally respected in Parliament - a lone and courageous voice. LOOK AT THE PIE CHART for last time. You can see it's not a foregone conclusion she will get her mandate. Both the Tory and the Labour vote shares are quite high. There was supposed to be a deal struck for the Labour and Lib Dem candidates to bow out, to make sure Caroline kept her seat, but they backed out at the last minute. However YOU can do the job. If you're traditionally a Lib Dem or Labour voter, just consider that ANY parliament would be better off with Ms Lucas in it. Just vote for Caroline. I'm sure Mr Corbyn would be well pleased with a result that put her back in there. Bri