2017 General Election Constituencies

Jeremy Corbyn

Jeremy Corbyn - The Labour Party - Islington North

The Labour Party - Islington North
Region:   London
Constituency: Islington North
Party: The Labour Party

COMMON DECENCY recommendation for Islington North - Jeremy Corbyn. This man has been so viciously vilified by most of the British Press it's amazing he is still standing - and standing proud. His manifesto is absolutely dedicated to eradicating unfairness in Britain, and the rest of his policies - including animal welfare issues - is hard to fault from any Decent point of view. We cannot fail to endorse Jeremy Corbyn - in the certain knowledge that Parliament and Britain are the better for having this man in the HOC. And suddenly - with a Theresa May having exposed her weakness and lack of empathy, Mr Corbyn does not look so unelectable as PM.  

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