2017 General Election Constituencies

Norman Lamb

Norman Lamb - Liberal Democrats - North Norfolk

Liberal Democrats - North Norfolk
Region:   East
Constituency: North Norfolk
Party: Liberal Democrats

COMMON DECENCY recommendation. For North Norfolk - NORMAN LAMB ( Lib Dem)
I think this endorsement by Common Decency of a Lib Dem MP, who hopes to be re-elected this time, illustrates a point.
For the constituency of North Norfolk, we have given CD badges to two candidates. But …
Look at the pie chart. Looking at the Yellow and Blue segments of the pie, we can see that the only serious contenders are Lib Dem and Tory. If you want to make a difference, and stop a very decent MP being undermined by massive inputs of money in (unfair and pretty indecent) promotion for the Tory candidate, it’s clear that you have to VOTE FOR NORMAN LAMB. We think the Labour candidate is very decent too. But it’s clear that voting for Labour this time around will only siphon off votes which will be crucial to keep a decent man in that seat. So maybe vote for the Labour guy NEXT time ? But this time … vote for Mr Lamb … and if you REALLY want to make a difference - point out the situation to all your Labour supporting friends ! And get a whole bunch of people to rally round and keep Norman Lamb in that seat. Not because he’s a LibDem, but because he’s Decent !! Bri